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Grilled Cheese Truck

The Amazing Grilled Cheese Fest At The Grilled Cheese Truck Menu

Everybody loves grilled cheese, if they don’t they haven’t yet tried the amazing Grilled Cheese Truck’s menu. One bite from this absolutely scrumptious menu and you are hooked to grilled cheese- for life.

The Grilled Cheese Truck menu is built up on a high quality ingredient base which are freshly grown and delivered fresh too! The chefs at Grilled Cheese Truck find the perfect balance of innovation, tradition and a little bit of quirkiness to give you the best of grilled cheese delights. What’s best is that the entire food preparation is done in front of your eyes and you can be assured that by the time your meal is ready your taste buds will be tingling with anticipation.

These foodie paradise is stationed at Melt Street in LA and offers you a wide array of regular favorites as well as other new tasty tingles for you to try while you are there.

The chefs at the Grilled Cheese Truck understand the love LA has for street food and do their best to honor it. Whether you hire it for an event or visit us for a simple dine out, you will only be served with the best and a dish you will remember forever.

Even when you hire Grilled cheese trucks event and wish to have something different too, they can put together something just for you with equal awesomeness!