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The Best Grilled Cheese Truck Online

Best Ever Sandwiches Available In Grilled Cheese Truck

We know how yum is grilled cheese and when you toss it over your favorite sandwich and take a bite. Therefore, are you ready to take a ride on the grilled cheese truck and want to know how is it prepared, and what are some of the great sandwiches that are prepared with the use of grilled cheese?

How is this cheese prepared in the grilled cheese truck?

Well, it consumes just three easy to prepare it in the grilled cheese truck –

  • You need to heat one tablespoon of salted butter in a cast iron or a non-stick pan over the medium low flame.
  • Now you need to press the sandwich slightly in the pan and cook until it gets golden at the bottom for about three to five minutes.
  • Flip the pan and add some more butter if required and fry the other side golden for about three to five minutes and until the cheese melts.

The four best ever grilled cheese truck sandwiches that sell like hot cakes are here, choose the flavor you like the most –

Classic Patty Melt

Just a thin hamburger patty is cooked at the medium flame and an inside-out seedless hamburger is placed with sliced cheddar, patty, and one slice American cheese, flipping once until it turns golden.

Italian Melt

You need to sandwich two sourdoughs with one slice of provolone and once slice of mortadella. Then at grilled cheese truck, you asked to add some pickled vegetables of your choice along with one more slice of provolone and cooked until the other side is golden.

Bacon Melt

This classic sandwich is available on grilled cheese truck since it is easy to make and damn tasty. Made with the use of three slices of crisp bacon and once slice of tomato between the cheeses.

Pastrami Melt

Available in grilled cheese truck is prepared with the Russian dressing and one slice of pumpernickel bread. Just above a few slices, pastrami and 1 slice Muenster cheese are added as a topping and it is broiled until the cheese melts.

These four are the all time favorite sandwiches available in grilled cheese truck and 9 out of 10 in every crowd are found as a great fan of them.