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Delights and Goodness of Grilled Cheese: Delicious Menus from Grilled Cheese Trucks

Some Of The Grilled Cheese Trucks Sandwiches:

All the grilled sandwiches from the grilled cheese menus are served on the parmesan butter sourdough bread to give the sandwich a different taste. You will definitely not miss out the cheese filled goodness of the grilled cheese trucks grilled cheese sandwiches. Some of these grilled cheese sandwiches are:

Tuna melt:

This sandwich consists of cheddar cheese, tomato and Ortega cheese and served with a side dish of BBQ chips. Therefore, if you are someone who loves cheese-filled sandwich- then this is a best option for you to have two varieties of grilled cheese.

Turkey melt:

This is another sandwich with similar ingredient to that of tuna melt but with turkey. If you are a turkey fan, then take a look at this sandwich.

Italian melt:

If you are looking for a sandwich with Italian dash to it, then definitely take a look at this sandwich and this delicious Italian sandwich consists of prosciuttos, mortadella, salami, peperocini, provolone cheese along with the side of balsamic vinaigrette and tomato.

Veggie melt:

If you are a vegetarian, then you can definitely try out this veggie sandwich from grilled cheese It consists of jack cheese, red onion and Ortega chili, mushroom, tomato and also black olive and bell pepper and served with a side of balsamic vinaigrette.

Chicken melt:

Are you crazy for chicken sandwiches? Then make sure you try the chicken melt sandwich from the grilled cheese This sandwich comes with Muenster cheese, warm chicken breast, fresh arugula, topping of parmesan garlic sauce from grilled cheese trucks and this is served on the tasty sourdough along with grilled tomato.

Classic patty melt:

Looking for a classy cheese sandwich? Then definitely try out this sandwich. This sandwich consists of all beef patty with grilled onion and tomato and with the delicious American cheese to add to the great taste.