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Summer Picnic

Enjoy A Summer Picnic With The Best Grilled Cheese In The USA

Think of summer and you will instantly think of spending lots of time outdoors with your friends and family. As well as fun and games outdoors, you will be looking forward to hosting a summer picnic. Whether you gather your friends for a summer picnic in the backyard or you organised a community summer picnic then what is better that grilled cheese?

The Grilled Cheese Truck Summer Picnic

The Grilled Cheese Truck is available for a summer picnic in most areas of LA. We can cater for picnics of all shapes and sizes. Our prices are very reasonable but we never compromise on taste. We have catered for for many a summer picnic in our time, with large office picnics after work or picnic birthday parties. Whatever your requirements our family-friendly team will be able to make your summer picnic the highlight of your social calendar this year.

Summer Picnic Menu

With our tasty grilled cheese menu you can try dishes such as our grilled cheese patty melt, tuna melt and veggies melt plus many more foodie favorites. All of our ingredients are bought fresh and prepared on a daily basis for optimum taste. Sure, you can head to the supermarket to pick up a bunch of stuff for your picnic but why not take the stress out of it all and let someone else do the cooking for you.

Treat Yourself

If you are worried about your waistline and you are not sure grilled cheese is the best way forward, just remember that you are allowed a treat once in a while and what better time to party than summer. Pile your plate high with salad and accompany it with one of our specialty grilled cheese dishes for a balanced meal. You won’t regret it!

To book your summer picnic with The Grilled Cheese Truck call our friendly team today to get booked in.