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Food Truck Fundraiser

Food Truck Fundraiser: Why To Consider Grilled Cheese Truck?

Why to consider grilled cheese truck?

There are many great reasons to consider grilled cheese truck as food truck fundraiser. Grilled Cheese truck is one of the most popular best food truck in LA, therefore, when the non- profit organization opts for the grilled cheese truck as food truck fundraiser, they will be able to get more amount of fundraising from the certain percentage, due to the high number of food varieties sold by grilled cheese truck. Its high popularity leads to the increased selling of its delicious menu! This is one reason to consider grilled cheese food truck for food truck fundraiser.

What types of dishes are in the menu of grilled cheese truck?

This is a natural question anyone will ask before considering the grilled cheese truck as food truck fundraiser. The dishes that are generally sold by the grilled cheese truck are listed below:

  • Old school grilled cheese. This amazing dish comes with grilled cheese with American or cheddar cheese!
  • Famous chicken melt. This is another popular dish that many love from grilled cheese truck. This dish combines warm chicken breast, Muenster Cheese, grilled tomato, fresh arugula and then it is topped with the parmesan garlic sauce on sourdough.
  • Tuna melt dish comes with Cheddar cheese, tomato and Ortega chili.
  • Pastrami melt comes with Pastrami, Swiss and Muenster cheese and grilled onion and pickles.
  • Classic patty melt comes with all beef patty, American cheese, grilled onions and tomato.
  • Veggie grilled cheese combines the goodness of jack cheese, tomato, red onion, mushroom, Ortega chili, bell pepper and black olive!

These are some of the dishes that the fundraising event guests will be able to enjoy and this is why it makes a great food truck fundraiser. If you want to know more about the amazing dishes, which will get offered to the guests by the grilled cheese truck as a food truck fundraiser, you can visit the website grilledcheesetrucks.com and get a look at the other dishes! When you are considering grilled cheese truck as food truck fundraiser, it can reach anywhere you are holding the fundraising event without any hassle. So with these amazing reasons, you should definitely consider grilled cheese truck as food truck fundraiser!