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Best Food Truck In Los Angeles

Top 5 Best Food Truck In Los Angeles

You have so many food truck in Los Angeles, but who is the best? Whose delicacies are much better even compared to their competitor? Well, so many names will be coming up as soon as we will be sorting the best food truck in LA. So let us just refine your research and cut down the volume to choose the cream from the marketplace.

When you come to Los Angeles, you will find no shortage of food trucks. You get gourmet options against those high priced restaurants and bars. So if you are planning to have food in the best food truck in LA then you need to glance through the options we have shared.

So if you are hungry or looking for a mobile meal, this handy checklist on best food truck in LA will always help.


Locol is one of the greatest foundation of Roy Choi and he is back with a bang and his fast food enterprise. You can spot the best food truck in LA often at the Smorgasburg on Sundays, or at Dinosaur Coffee and at many other places.

Pico House

One of the best food truck in LA, where you will find here cooks who hail from great backgrounds. Such as some were chefs at Bestia or some at Blue Hill in New York. They have come together to make Pico House, which is a largely grain-bowl centric truck that makes stops from Art District to Culver City.


Are you looking for Spanish foods in a truck, then Tumaca will be the perfect choice. Among all other best food truck in LA, this red truck crawls throughout serving some awesome Jamon sandwiches and patatas bravas.

Let’s be Frank

It was started by Sue Moore, the woman who became popular in the food world by curating those Alice Waters’ meats at Chez Panisse. You will find the hot dogs decorated with some grilled onions and the beef it has is made from pasture-raised animals.

Free Range LA

This is one of the best food truck in LA, which focuses on the breakfast. The team has been able to grow a remarkable following. They traffic in all things and mostly fried chicken and eggs.

This quick guide reduces your hassles to reach out the right place to make your taste buds happy.